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Vehicle Tinting

The federal government regulates window tint levels on new vehicles under the Motor Vehicle Safety Act, which requires windshields and certain other windows on passenger cars to allow a minimum of 70 per cent of light to pass through the glass.  With that in mind, this covers the windshield and front windows.  The rear passenger and rear windows can be virtually blacked out.  You may need to sign a waiver depending on how dark you wish to make your front windshield and front windows.  Renfrew Auto Glass cannot be held responsible for any traffic violations under sections 73 and 74 of the highway traffic act. We can also replace any shade of window tinting.
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Window Chips - Fix Them Today

Even the smallest chip or crack in your vehicle’s glass can make any driving experience dangerous. That’s why at Renfrew Auto Glass we provide chip repair and window replacement services. We service all common vehicle windows, including windshields, door glass and rearview windows. Your insurance adjuster provides the fees for this repair without a deductible in most cases.  
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Windshield Replacement

Windshields  Door and Quarter Glass  Rear Window Glass  Heavy Equipment Glass It's important to get broken or damaged auto glass repaired as soon as possible for a variety of reasons. First, did you know that your windshield and other auto glass is part of your vehicle's safety system? Improperly installed or damaged glass can cause these safety systems to fail in the event of an accident. In addition, when your glass is cracked or damaged it can obstruct the driver's view of the road in front of and around you putting all of the vehicle's occupants at risk. It's important that you get damaged auto glass replaced or repaired as soon as you notice the damage to avoid further risk.  
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